The plumen bulb - Making energy saving bulbs look old school cool

My wife hates energy saving bulbs, she can't deal with the time it takes to warm up and that the light emitted isn't the same as seven suns.

They don't bother me, I like the time it takes. Like the effect of a turning the dial on a ye olde oil lamp, it slowly ads warmth to a room rather than blowing the retinas out of your skull.

One thing I do love about the old school bulbs are putting them in, I know, it sounds crazy.

But the act of instantly fixing something, seeing that the element has burnt out and knowing how to fix it is rewarding.

The first switch on, seeing the fine wire glow white hot for the first time letting you know the job is done.

Its a simple pleasure.

The Plumen blub shown goes some way to making me feel better about a bulb I don't need to change.

It balances the oil lamp pace with a less 'machined' or 'factory' design. 

Its not going to transform your house or change your life, but it might just make you feel a little warmer inside.

That said, my wife will still hate it.