/. CmdrTaco Interview

Its a big month, Slashdot is ten years old, wow that makes me feel old. For those that think the Digg effect is a new thing, think again..... Wired has an interview with the sites founder commander taco: The influential "news for nerds" site famous for swamping unsuspecting websites with boatloads of traffic turns 10 in October, and parties are popping up all around the country. It all started in 1997, in a time before there was Gmail. Slashdot founder and editor Rob Malda, aka CmdrTaco, wanted a non-college-affiliated e-mail address, so he simply registered his own domain name. And while he was at it, he decided to add a little humor and make the url as unpronounceable as possible: "H, T, T, P, colon, slash, slash, slashdot, dot, org." Click here to read the full interview on wired