BitTorrent on TV's

There are a few hidden nuggets in this weeks buyout of µTorrent by Bittorrent (Bram Cohens firm). Basically µTorrent is slim and quick and has a good fan base, so worth buying. But in short, Bit-torrent are talking to too many tv content companies to hide the fact that we are really looking at the beginning of distributing content through set top boxes and whot not. Heres how it works. The Candyjar overview - I buy the new superman movie. Bob buys the new superman movie, you want the new superman movie, you use your bit torrent enabled set-top box to buy it and bob and I share our connection to get it to you as quick as possible. They guys probably hope as quickly as you can watch it. Now the only query is.... why would Bob and I want to let you download our copy of superman? Apple are talking about doing this with next version of osX and iTunes. Their predicament is a little easier, with 99c buys they have the ability to offer discount for those that like share. You can see the marking tags already, the 'share more, get more' idea. Heres the official line: 'Now that the streamlined µTorrent client is part of BitTorrent's toolbox, the company will soon be able to begin delivering movies to devices with less processing power and less memory than a standard PC. "We will continue to develop µTorrent and will be using the code base in other applications, especially ones where a fast, lightweight implementation is more suitable, such as embedded systems on TVs, cell phones and other non-PC platforms," said Strigeus and Cohen in Thursday's forum post. Distributing movies directly to a customer's cable box has been one of BitTorrent's goals since signing deals with several major Hollywood studios, including 20th Century Fox, Lion's Gate Films and MTV Networks. "We're working on making BitTorrent come preinstalled on many embedded devices, as one of the basic services they support in the same class as web browsers," Cohen told Wired News in an interview last week.' Anyhoo, learn more: The buyout The reason and wherefore