Blogger needs more love

Evan Williams the co-founder of Blogger, has a one line post up encouraging discussion on google and whether they have lost an opportunity. It relates to a story here on valleywag: "Google hasn't really cared about Blogger since the start. The search engine company bought Pyra Labs, maker of Blogger, on a whim, after Sergey Brin ran into Evan Williams and thought what he was doing was cool. The blogging platform, like many acquisitions and whimsical internal projects, has always had to wait in line for engineering time. Google's hardcore techies don't really get blogs. The product's interface has been cleaned up, and reliabilty improved, but the functions have been neglected. And now there's a new charge to the indictment." Im taking this as a sign that Evan feels the same way. But thats just my opinion. Click here for the full Valleywag story Click here for Evans post and comments