Bram Cohen on BitTorrent's Future

Bittorrent is the future, no doubt about it. There where rumours this week that Bram was leaving the company (is it now classed as a company?), but in this interview he dubunks that rumour. Apple rumours are a-foot that they may put a bit-torrent esq system into the next OS so that iTunes users will send files to each other and download movies quicker. BitTorrent seems to be expanding faster than ever. As reported on Monkey Bites blog, Cohen's San Francisco company is forming distribution partnerships with several major film and television studios, including 20th Century Fox, MTV Networks, G4, Palm Pictures and Paramount Pictures. In May 2006, BitTorrent teamed up with Warner Bros. to distribute films and televisions shows online. The company also said last week it has secured an additional $20 million in funding from Accel Partners and Doll Capital Management to make the video store a reality. Read more on wired