Bringing the love back to art

The guys at wooloo have taken a very different approach to artist collaberation. Mixing it with a little international romance.....   you may need to read this once or twice to understand what is going on: AVANTGARDE DATING is an experimental dating service investigating issues associated with contemporary relationships. Right now, AVANT-GARDE DATING is selecting individuals to be matched in carefully chosen couples. The most innovative applicants among these couples will receive an exhibition in Berlin, Germany during the Art Forum (Sep-Oct) 2007. To apply for the AVANT-GARDE DATING experience, you must request what sort of person you would like to meet. In your application, you should explain how this new relationship will explore the conventions of monogamous love, challenge the idea of artistic collaboration and/or explore one of the other numerous stereotypes of human pairing. Based on this information, the Dating Board will match you with another artist somewhere in the world.