Build your web app directly onto google servers

Two reasons why I am interested in this story:
  • Its in direct competition with Amazons S3 cloud, on which quite a few online business run their apps (e.g. 37 signals)
  • Small company buy-outs, following the difficulties google had in porting you-tube to their cloud this is an interesting strategy to snap up companies easily and to encourage developers to use the google code of choice - python
  • Google plans to launch a service called App Engine Monday evening that the company hopes will attract programmers and eventually companies needing an expandable foundation for online applications. App Engine, free to the first 10,000 people who sign up, offers a combination of several online Google services for those who want a place to host software, said Pete Koomen, a product manager on the Google developer team. Those include the BigTable service for data storage and processing--as expected--along with authentication to let people sign on to services and e-mail to let the system handle communications, he said. At an event called Campfire One Monday night, Google plans to show off some internally developed Web applications written with the service. One of them lets people sign up for carpools, joining the service, declaring whether and when they want to drive or be driven, and then being matched to likely partners. The company is pitching App Engine as an easy way for programmers to build software without having to worry about rebuilding it once it gets too big for its original hardware or software britches. Read more on CNET