Digg founder Kevin Rose dishes iPhone specs

Very interesting story, if you can get past the frat-boy babblings there are a few nuggets here. Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg and appears to know someone pretty high up in Apple. Apple being well known for coming down heavy on people who talk about soon to be released products may not take to kindly to this if it turns out to be true. For us UK people the good news is that they are focusing on standards rather than networks. So your O2's/Vodaphones/Oranges/etc will be able to stock it. Here are the specs that Rose spill's: Apple will use two batteries in the phone, one for the music player and one for the phone, Rose said. That way, you can run down the battery on the music player but still be able to make and receive calls on the phone. It will have a slide-out keyboard for text messages or e-mail, and "touch screen on the outside," he said. Apple has filed for several patents related to touch-screen functionality on the sides of an iPod-like device. Two versions are planned, a 4GB phone for $249 and a 8GB phone for $449, Rose said. The phone is also being made for both GSM and CDMA networks Read more on CNET : The gadget blog