e-INK is here

It looks like e-ink is finally cheap enough to be considered for real work application. I remember working on a digital handheld project back in 2005 or so, and during our research phase, we came across the e-Ink technology in its early stages of development. The display material wasn’t (and still isn’t) of the calibre required to be a substitute for an LCD display, but at the time, the price warranted further investigation. As we spoke to the sales folks for e-Ink, they promised a litany of mouth-watering bulletpoints. Things like: ”you’ll be seeing this technology in the breakfast aisle on every cereal box,” and “Microsoft has ordered a gross of these things for the cover of all the new XBox 360 titles,” and “this stuff is so cheap, you could theoretically wallpaper your house with it.” Of course, the material was supposed to be available for order and use about three months after I first started investigating it as a display alternative. Three years later, we finally see it in mass use on what is typically thought of as a throw-a-way item, an Old Media magazine. Read more on Mashable