Edinburghs Whitespace have done a great job with the Tennents website

The team at Whitespace have done a great job of portraying the Tennents universe.
Simple, polished design, well written copy and a lot of pride in the product.

Also surprised to see positive comments on the Drum, absolute shocker.

The new site is a platform for all aspects of the brand marketing campaign, with a new navigation panel  – The Tennent’s hub – allowing all assets of the site, including links to campaigns such as T-Break and Be Chilled, to be housed in one dedicated area.        

As well as providing information and history on the product and campaigns, it also allows users to view external content sites such as YouTube (for previous advertising campaigns) and is tied to the launch of Tennent's official Facebook page, again run by Whitespace, which has almost 200 fans in its first few days of launch.

Saw it on the Drum