Eneco's chip turns computer heat into electricity

Speaking in a hotel conference room near Tower Bridge late last week Dr Lew Brown, president and CEO of Eneco, is trying to convince a roomful of skeptical investors that its new chip technology will revolutionise the way we generate electricity. It has to be said that he is doing a pretty good job. "This chip compares with the invention of the transistor, or the TV, or the first aircraft," he says. "It is a genuinely disruptive technology." Now if a claim like that won’t get investors' attention I'm not sure what will. Apple is reportedly interested in the technology, the "solid state energy conversion/generation chip" technology not only provides energy to the device from its own heat, but also cools it down. That would allow a company like Apple to make devices with longer battery life and with a better cooling. These devices would also be the kings of "green" consumer electronics. Dell is also interested in the technology which is currently at the early stages of its development. No information is provided on when this technology could be put in production. If this technology indeed works, this could be a huge breakthrough in energy and heat related issues PC and handhelds manufacturers currently encounter. Read the story at Green Business News