Frank use motion graphics to bring Belfasts contested spaces to life

Well done to Damian, Stephen and the gang at Frank. Great work.

The Contested Spaces project emerged from themes proposed and discussed at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) which took place in Belfast in 2009. 

The purpose of the project was twofold. 

Firstly, to offer a creative, visual response to issues around urban redevelopment in the context of challenges put forward by ISEA. 
Secondly, to create the opportunity to invest in research and development, both technical and creative, within Frank's design team. Contested Spaces would allow Frank's designers to explore new techniques and further develop existing talents.

The brief for the project was as follows:

"As Belfast, Northern Ireland, emerges from a period of physical reconstruction, issues surrounding social reconstruction remain problematic and unresolved. There are particular spaces within the city that sit at the interface between the old and the new. On the fringes of new development projects or in areas where there has been a shift in the local demography these spaces hold dynamic tensions which challenge citizens to associate with new ideas and identities or with heritage and established thinking.

Document five of these spaces with video and create digital/virtual sculptures that address the issues arising within them. The five sculptures should inspire and incite further commentary. The tension between the real and virtual should be harnessed to create debate around the notional value of the spaces, their perceived ownership, and the degree to which that ownership affects the attitudes of those that use them."