Getting started in advertising on your own site

You may have noticed that I have recently put banners on the top of the site. As I have always said, this site is about me learning more, playing more and giving a little back. So learning how to put banner ads on the site is one of those things. How did it work? Well if you have a google account (gmail, google home, anything) you can sign up for adsense. Once thats done it will ask you for your bank details so that they can pay you. They put about 6p in your account to test the process (takes about a week to come through) and you type into the confirmation box the amount they sent you. Now your ready to advertise. After that you do some customisation. You choose the size, style (text or image, the colour of the text, etc) then it generates the code to put on your site. Theres some filtering you can do of what type of ads you do and dont want on your site. But I have to admit so far I havent done that and the adverts are not the best. Joke phone lines and political websites. I wouldnt click on them, neither should you. The grand total earned in the week that I have set them up...drumroll please.............US$0.20!!!!! Yes! what a wonderful sight, im getting gold plated wheels for my car with those high rolling notes! In other news, my next adventure will be advertising candyjar. Again just because I want to know how its done. Thats when I saw this: Microsoft adCenter is MSN's answer to AdWords and works essentially the same way. It's Microsoft's pay per click offering. You bid on keywords, adCenter charges you when people click your ad. Microsoft_adcenter It's new, and Microsoft is trying to promote it. To kick start the offering, they are giving away $200 in free advertising when you spend your first $5. I was all ready to sign up, until I read the small print..... only in the US....buggers Visit the site