Green NYC - Who is the bigger apple?

I really like this campaign, its quirky, friendly and well designed. Apple arent so happy about it, they see the logo as trademark infringement. Which is ridiculous. Not really doing themselves any favours. Apple want to be seen as environmentally friendly and not a big bad fat cat company. The Big Apple has a new logo, and Apple says: Drop dead. At issue is the emblem for New York City's GreeNYC campaign, which has started to appear around the city on bus shelters, hybrid gasoline-electric taxicabs and even Whole Foods shopping bags. The GreeNYC logo shows a stylized apple with a stalk and a leaf. It bears a resemblance to Apple's famous logo -- a resemblance Apple says infringes on its trademark. The city has applied for a trademark on the logo, but Apple has filed a formal opposition (.pdf) obtained by The Cupertino, California, company calls for the trademark to be denied, claiming the city's logo will confuse people and "seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services." New York says: Getdafugoutaheya. Read more about this on Wired