Guess the price of Basecamp

Brilliant post on vitamin about the value of the online app basecamp. Im sure the 37 signals lads would be thinking about this quite a bit. With google buying jotspot, it looks like the big boys are moving towards business products rather than the wide appeal of flickr/youtube, etc. Let’s take a look at some high profile price tags from recent years important - some of these are rumored values: sold to NewsCorp $580 million sold to Verisign $2.3 million Skype sold to eBay $2.6 billion sold to Yahoo $1 million rumored sold to Yahoo around $30 million rumored MeasureMap sold to Google under $5 million Writely sold to Google around $10 million rumored Rojo sold to SixApart $10 million YouTube sold to Google $1.65 billion Can you guess the value?