Hardware accelerated flash

Adobe have released a new version of their AIF technology that allows flash effects like blurs to be hardware accelerated... Which may not mean much to you.. In a similar case, if your moderately Mac geeky you will know that when OSX applies filters and effects in their programs (think of transitions during a presentation) they are built into the core system software and are hardware accelerated (a simplified overview). This means that they are wicked fast. The idea of flash filters being fired locally rather than in the browser software is quite exciting. Faster, smoother flash.... with bells on. This (we are told) will be included in the next release of the flash plugin. In addition to opening tons of doors for Flash animators, it'll give the Flash Platform a huge bump in its ability to support apps like Photoshop Express.  And it'll encourage lots of cool cross-pollination, as developers can leverage the imaging code they write for Flash in order to create filters for Adobe desktop apps, and vice versa. Click here to read more on John Nack