Increasing Search Engine Traffic by 455% in One Month

Chris Pearson at Pearsonified has a great post on how he increased his site traffic by a whopping 455%. Lets face it his site traffic already had a couple of thousand visitors a day more than candyjar. So this is quite an achievement! With my recent focus on SEO, this story caught my eye. I was pleased to notice that the details of how he did it are somewhat similar how i got candyjar up the google ratings. I set up in wordpress (built from the ground up for optimisation) and used not Chris's template but a style variant of the wonderful K2 template. After reading around I think my issue with google not picking up on candyjar as quickly as the others may be down to the sandbox effect. Although candyjar as my domain has been about for at least four years, changing my own dns & registration details and moving server may have jolted a few bolts at google. I think his move to wordpress brought attention in google to his older content and that coupled with google trusting the content on his site brought hundreds of new key phrases to the top of the listings. Read more about Chris's experiment:Click here Instead of trying to get found quick schemes you could stick to the top ten seo rules