Just been on a tour of the Apple WWDC conference, from my sofa

My brother in law is at the Apple developers conference at the Moscone Centre this week, kicking off today with Steve Jobs keynote and launch of the iPhone 4. Knowing what a mac nerd I am he called me on iChat, he put me up full screen and walked me around the Moscone centre.

Sadly all the prototypes are behind closed doors, but what an impressive place. 
In one of the shots you can see the rows of large flat screens showing apps being downloaded in real time. They fall to the bottom and by the end of the conference the screen will be filled with apps.

Quite a few of the other delegates were either looking at me strangely or saying hello. One recommended I get an iPhone 4 for my next 'facetime' session, that name sounds wrong on every level.

Tomorrow he is going to the design awards, Wednesday is Pixar, Thurs Nasa and Friday CNN.
One lucky b*stard.

(p.s. Yup, I look a mess, but 2 mins earlier I was in my scratcher)