My talk on Dieter Rams - Realise Design Fridays

We designers all like to think we know a little about the history of our craft, it influences us, gives us something to strive for and gives merit to a career choice that to others may seem frivolous. As we grow older it strengthens a belief in our own legacy through the work we do.

But the reality is that these days most of us could name more design blogs than designers.
Myself included. In the digital age our inspiration mostly comes from the internet. Its quicker and easier and lets face it, its pretty damn good.

The influence of blogs for design isnt great on its own. A designers work can end up a derivative of current, fashionable design. Which by the time the website is built is no longer fashionable.

So we at realise decided to bring more influences into the team.
Starting this week with one of my heros, the Braun product designer Dieter Rams.
I have posted the presentation below, have a look through.

If anything have a look at the last ten pages, see if you can name the apple product that was 'influenced' by his work. Move to the next slide for the answer.

p.s. You might want to make it full screen to read the text