NI to get faster broadband speeds?

A very sketchy report on the BBC today about Northern Ireland linking up to a new fibre optic cable. Odd thing is, it doesnt say who will be allowed access, business or home, what sort of connection speeds are possible, is it to replace the janet line that Queens cut through everytime they do a little gardening or is it a new phone line for stormont?  I hope its a piece of string with which to talk to folks in submarines. Northern Ireland is to be linked to an underwater transatlantic communications cable for the first time. The fibre optic cable, a telecommunications link which runs along the seabed, connects North America with Europe. It will improve the speed and extent to which firms in NI can trade information with the rest of the world. A new 22-mile extension will be built from an existing cable and will come ashore near Portrush. Access to the new telecommunications will be available in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, according to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment. Read the full story on BBC News