Sometimes the client is right for the idea - the story of two design students from Kingston University london

This time last year, Kingston University graduates Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson were spending a lot of time in the company of printers.

With the D&AD Student Awards deadline looming, they had hit on an idea to promote HP Workstations’ ability to bring to life ‘anything the creative mind can conceive’.

‘Our tutors always taught us to come up with a great idea, then work out the right channels to use,’ said Tom.  They made a film that turned the otherwise mundane experience of everyday printing into a brilliantly choreographed audiovisual orchestra. They spent days holed up in a studio coaxing a stack of printers to perform. 

‘We had been exhibiting at New Blood for a couple of days and although people from the industry had visited our stand, we felt a bit nervous about approaching anyone,’ said Matt.  ‘We knew that time was running out though, so when we saw Mark Waites from Mother walk past, we decided to go for it.’

Tom hit play on their Student Awards film and Matt flagged down Waites to have a look at their work.  They went for it after that, and approached as many people they could to introduce themselves and show off their work.  ‘We probably spoke to about 20-30 people by the end of the exhibition,’ said Tom. ‘If someone was having a look, we’d catch their eye and tell them the story behind our projects.’ Eventually, they’d just walk up to people and introduce themselves, ‘because you never know who you’re going to meet’.

In September, they got a call from Mother and were offered them a work placement starting in December – all thanks to grabbing that opportunity at New Blood. Mother Creative Stuart Outhwaite also recommended the team get in touch with Work Club in the meantime as the agency had placements starting that month.

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