Starting a Blog is good for you career

In starting a blog I personally only wanted to test out seo ideas, keep up with the latest from the web and learn more. But I have had a great experience, I dont think it hurt when appling for work and I have made some good contacts through it. there are people that are getting a lot from setting up their blogs, this is an interesting story: Dana Vachon channeled his corporate angst into a commentary on greed, excess, and the sometimes-misguided American Dream. It landed him a book deal. Do you ever daydream about leaving work and never coming back? Want to start happy hour on your lunch hour? Feel like a fat fraud at Le Cirque? Entrepreneurs take heart. In Mergers & Acquisitions, the Wall Street satire by JPMorgan analyst-turned-blogger-turned-novelist Dana Vachon, these fantasies and so much more (socialite dominatrix, anyone?) become strange reality. And for those of you who said goodbye to corporate America long ago, the book will serve as an unsubtle reminder of what you are -- to your delight -- missing out on.