Steve Wozniak - 'Apple didn't need NeXT'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak doesn’t believe that Apple should have bought NeXT, the company that provided the foundation for Mac OS X. The purchase of NeXT – run by Apple’s other co-founder Steve Jobs during the time he was not working at Apple - came at a time when Apple was suffering from an onslaught of bad publicity due to perceived faults in OS 7, which was suffering from crashes. Macworld caught up with Wozniak while he was in London promoting his biography iWoz. In this book Wozniak claims that the OS 7 crashes were linked to running Microsoft Internet Explorer, rather than the Apple operating system. He says that his own research made it clear that people with IE installed on their Macs were suffering from crashes, but those who used alternative browsers, such as Netscape, were experiencing no problems. Wozniak’s theory was not given credence at the time because IE did not have to be running for the crashes to happen. Read the full story