TED talks are back!

The JJ Abrams 'Mystery Box' talk was one of my favourites from last years talks, really looking forward to what will come out this year. A sold-out confab of celebrities, industry titans and alpha geeks will converge on Monterey, California, for a four-day, invitation-only celebration of big ideas this week. Now in its 24th year, TED begins on Wednesday and runs through Saturday. It is an elite event where leaders in technology, entertainment and design gather to cross-pollinate ideas and gain inspiration from presentations on the latest developments in sciences and the arts. Political leaders take the stage too: Former President Bill Clinton received the annual TED prize at last year's conference; former Vice President Al Gore has also been a speaker. The conference attracts a wide range of people, from Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to musician Peter Gabriel and filmmaker J.J. Abrams. Click here to read more on wired