The edinburgh coffee morning quiz 2010 - its the taking part that counts



This morning was my third visit to the edinburgh coffee morning, which also happened to be the yearly quiz.
The coffee mornings are very relaxed and are a healthy reminder that you love what you do for a living. Which is a nice way to start any weekend.

While I thought I knew more than the average bear about social media and the world of digital, it turns out I need to up my game. The great Brendan Mc Neill took some excellent photos this morning which are embedded above.

Here's a sampling of the questions:
  1. What company owns flickr?
  2. What is the google protocol for RSS called?
  3. Who is the founder of wordpress?
  4. Whats Biz Stones real first name?
  5. Who wrote the book 'the long tail'
  6. What does ASCII stand for?
  7. What does JPG stand for?
If you know the answers to any of the above put them in the comments, because I sure didn't!
Also if you live in Edinburgh, are interested in social media and digital marketing in general then maybe I will see you there.

Watch the video above to get an overview, heres Mike Coulters overview:

The ECM is a weekly gathering of East Coast producers, marketeers, writers, filmmakers, geeks and the occassional PR person at Centotre, 103 George Street. Come along any Friday, 8am-9am, to see what people have been up to that week, share ideas and make new contacts.