The tools and Programs that 37signals use themselves

Who better to ask for a list of the best productivity tools than the guys who make the best productivity tools..... I think that makes sense We get lots of emails asking us what tools we use to build our products and run our business, so I figured we’d just post it to the blog: * For text editing, HTML, programming, and CSS work we use a combination of TextWrangler, TextMate, and Vim. * For accounting we use Quickbooks Pro 2006 for Mac (we download our statements from Chase and American Express into Quickbooks). * For tech support we use Gmail and TypeIt4Me. * For internal bug tracking we use Trac. * For managing our email newsletters we use Campaign Monitor. * For running our blogs we use Movable Type. * For managing our RSS feeds we use Feedburner. * For our Basecamp and Backpack forums we use PunBB. * For computers we use Apple Powerbooks and iMac G5s (we also have a Dell for testing on the PC). * For our payment gateway we use * For our web hosting we use Tilted. * For designing documents we use Adobe InDesign. * For instant group communications we use Apple iChat, Skype, Adium, and Campfire. * For keeping people organized we use Sunrise. Visit the list