The two keynotes this week - clash of the titans

Its no surprise that i am looking forward to tuesdays keynote speech, fingers crossed for a new design cinema screen, but most people expect the iPhone, iTV and more to be seen of the new OS upgrade. But they are not the only big cat showing their stuff this week, Bill Gates is giving his swan song address. Technology giants Microsoft and Apple will set out their rival visions of the digital future at two separate events in the coming days. On Sunday Bill Gates will open the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas with a speech focusing on Microsoft's role in the connected world. The digital home and the move to a high definition age will dominate the agenda at CES, say analysts. On Tuesday in San Francisco, Apple boss Steve Jobs will address Mac devotees. Devices which move digital content around the home - from PC to PC and to TVs, hi-fis and other products - have been available for some years but the digital living room battleground is still to be won.