Types of web agency

A brilliant post about types of web agency. This is spot on, there are many ways to work pitching for web work: I’ve seen a lot, from the creative agency that gives the customer a handshake promise for a great web site, and then nickles and dimes them along the way adding 20 - 50% to the project. Then there are the companies that excessively scope out projects ahead of time just to avoid scope creep. These companies sell strategy phases and have a personal goal to avoid at all costs any surprises down the road — both to the client, and for themselves. Then there are companies that choose to charge an hourly rate and enjoy the benefits of not having to write endless proposals… a frustrating process. Their friends tell them they could make more if they gave out fixed bids. Lastly, there are companies that respond to RFPs and other large contracts, and put in gigantuan proposals (100k ) and eat the endless change requests that the clients have. These kinds of companies only get 5% - 10% of the jobs they pitch, but the number they win continues to grow as they mature. Read more at brainfuel