We are looking for a brilliant digital designer to join the Realise team

We at realise are looking for a digital designer.

Here's what to do: 
1. Read Don's requirements below 
2. Think to yourself 'thats a job for me' 
3. Tick the technical boxes and send us an email.

(There will be an official job posting in the usual places in time)

We want to hire someone brilliant.
Someone with an ego as big as mine.
Someone desperate to make their mark on the world.
And desperate for recognition of their talent and individuality.
Someone who designs because they simply have to.
Someone who couldn’t live without an outlet for their creativity.
Someone who has something to prove to themselves and to their peers.
Someone who wants their name spoken about and revered.
Someone who thrives on pressure to perform.
Someone who sees every brief as an opportunity to show off their skills.
Someone with a passion for photography, typography, illustration, film, and writing.
Someone who is highly motivated.
Someone who will make us look good.
And most importantly, someone who is a genuine, decent, friendly, collaborative person.
Because without that, everything else becomes irrelevant.