Web-designers are a rare commodity

TylerCruz.com has an interesting post on the current lack of web designers out there. Im not so sure, my old degree course is now pumping out 100 of them a year. They must be going somewhere?? Gold. Silver. Diamonds. What makes these things valuable? Their beauty? Their difficulty of extracting? No, it’s because they are rare. Good web designers, in my opinion, are becoming just as rare. In fact, they almost seem to have become extinct. Can you remember back 6-7 years ago, around 1999-2000? The web was quickly evolving, as it always is. However, this time was a bit different, as there was a large influx of web designers and web development companies which stemmed from the dot com epoch of the mid-late 90’s. I could specifically remember there being countless web design companies popping up. And not just web design companies, but good, talented, freelance web designers as well. Where have they gone? They seem to have vanished. Well I have two good ideas of where they went.