Web designers should create their own HTML/CSS

I’ve worked with many web designers in the past who only did abstractions and then handed over pictures to be chopped and implemented by “HTML monkeys”. It never really gelled well. The things that got strong attention were all the things that Photoshop did well. Imagery, curvy lines, and the frame. All the around stuff, never the it stuff. That’s why all the designers at 37signals work directly with HTML and CSS. We simply don’t consider designers who don’t get their hands dirty with the materials relevant to the kind of work we do. I very much disagree with this post at 37 Signals, but it raises some good questions. A really great html/css coder is a specialist, fanatical about code. A really great designer is fanatical about brand, marketing, user experience and balance. I have rarely seen someone who sits on both sides of the fence well. Yes a good designer needs to have a base understanding of css and html, they should work with coders through the design process. When it works well its a very strong relationship that ends in a polished product. Read more on 37signals