Who would you Yahoo yodel at?


Nice idea from Poke London 
You find content on the web thats worth Yahoo-ing about and then give it the appropriate Ya and Hooooo.
Its lots of fun, this painful yodel made me laugh: Biiiig Baby

Just like the Eskimos are meant to have loads of words for snow (because they're snow experts), we wanted the new, open, Yahoo! to have loads of yodels for all kinds of awesome web stuff. What if the internet has served you something gross? Or sexy? Or sexy-gross? Whatever, there's a yodel for that.

The Yahoo! Yodelizer can be used to create a yodel to celebrate ANYTHING you might find on the web.

Making a Yodel is super easy. Using your keyboard, you can create a Yodel from a bunch of pre-recorded YAs and Hoos. Then you can attach it to whatever you like on the internet. There's no logging in, no labyrinthine instructions and it's annoyingly addictive. 

It's kind of like a URL shortener. But with added yodelly goodness.