Wikipedia is reliable!

I use wikipedia all the time, it is wonderful. But i wouldnt dare quote it. There is a stigma attached to it, you should watch Colberts 'Wikiality' gag to see what i mean: click here But no more! Wikipedia is reliable: "A new Wikipedia study suggests that when experts and non-experts look to assess Wikipedia for accuracy, the non-experts are harder on the free encyclopedia than the experts. The researcher had 55 graduate students and research assistants examine one Wikipedia article apiece for accuracy, some in fields they were familiar with and some not. Those in the expert group ranked their articles as generally credible, higher than those evaluated by the non-experts. One researcher said 'It may be the case that non-experts are more cynical about information outside of their field and the difference comes from a natural reaction to rate unfamiliar articles as being less credible.'" Read more at Slashdot