Creating marketing ideas for fans is extremely rewarding, unlike customers they really want to be engaged. Even though I had been lucky enough in the past to work with TV and Sports fans, nothing could prepare me for the love and enthusiasm from Star Trek fans.

CBS Action set us the task of creating something engaging for the thousands of fans at the Star Trek conference coming to London. 

We sat down and asked ourselves what every fan would want. The answer was quite simple, to be beamed onto the starship Enterprise.

From there is was a case of creating reverse augmented reality, designing and building a stage, creating an app that also promoted the show and having it ready for thousands of fans to use over three days. Phew.

It was a huge success, fans went wild for it and the client was blown away at the stand having the longest and most excited line at the conference.

We also won a Webby for our thinking, beating some incredible competition. Not bad at all.

Webby Awards - 2013 - Augmented reality
W3 Award - 2013 - Silver