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62% of children have their own computer and they are some of the most prolific second screen users. By the age of seven they are seasoned in all things internet, yet they are extremely habitual.

As Sesame Street knew in 1969, children learn through repetition (hence habitual). So when Tomy asked our advice on how to bring a new type of toy to market we knew the best way was to show rather than tell, but how do you show the toy without the toy?

We presented Battroborg Boot Camp, a fully 3D game that showed children how the physical game mechanic works.

The assets were created from scratch in Blender and the game engine mapped out and then tweaked many times to get the difficulty level just right.

tWe also wanted the children to connect with the Battroborgs emotively, so we asked them to teach their Battroborg to speak, by talking into the mic and hearing them speak back.


Android downloads - 21,429
iOS downloads - 7,042